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Steelstown Primary School, Derry

Message for our boys and girls

25th Mar 2020

Dear boys and girls,

Your parents have probably been talking to you about the nasty germ that is going about and can make some people sick. This germ is so bad that it means all schools have had to close. Because of this, things are going to be different for a while. We need you all to listen to your parents and those who look after you. We need you to stay at home and not go visiting your friends and not to complain. We know it will be different and it won't be easy, but we all have to work together. We have to make these changes to keep ourselves, our families and our friends safe. Remember to be extra careful and wash your hands.

Although Steelstown P.S. is closed, our learning is still going on. You have received your pack to continue your learning at home. I know most of you are using your passwords to log into Google Classrooms. You are getting messages from your Teacher and you are uploading your work for your Teacher to see and comment back to you. Keep up the great work. You have been communicating with us regularly and it is great to see the many messages coming through. If you have any difficulties or need to contact us, send your message through to or

Many of you have been working on Mathsletics, Accelerated Reading and Google Classrooms. Ask your parents to send us photographs of you learning at home to our email account.We can share them on our web-site, Twitter and Facebook.

During this time we will be a "virtual" Steelstown P.S. but we will still celebrate what you are doing. We are more than a building, our school is each and every one of us.

We want you to help your mums and dads and those who look after you. Older boys and girls, help younger ones at home. Read with them and play with them and be very patient and kind. You are all great boys and girls and we want you now to be even better and braver. Listen to what you are told to do by your parents and follow it, help out at home and keep doing your school work daily- Monday to Friday. Get up at the usual time and try to keep to a daily routine. We know it will not be easy and it will take great effort, but we know you can do this. Your mums and dads will send us pictures of the great work and projects you are doing.


Primary 7 boys and girls :

You are role models of our school. Younger boys and girls look up to you. Help and guide the younger members at home. We are not sure when this will be over, but when it is, we will have you all back together for special events in school before or after the summer holidays. We look forward to that time.

All the staff are very sad at how things have changed .Remember we love each of you and we miss you. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Remember to say your prayers each morning and night . Mass and special ceremonies are on Our Lady Of Lourdes facebook web cam daily.

Take care and God bless,

Mrs Gillen (Principal)

and all the staff of Steelstown P.S. Derry