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Steelstown Primary School, Derry

Congratulations to Mia and Bella

2nd Apr 2021

Mia & Bella have used their time during Covid-19 lockdown to start up their own fragrance business.

They have named their enterprise "Jewelled Aroma by Mia & Bella" - a combination of their names – and after almost a year of research, trials and checking out regulations, they have their enterprise up and running.

They are making wax melts of various fragrances and shapes along with room sprays to match the wax melts smells. They are also currently looking into other products as well.

Both girls have said, “We make wax melts by melting soya wax and adding fragrances oils and pour into moulds, although this sounds very straight forward there is temperature taking and a few step-by-step instructions that need to be adhered to in order to maintain a good quality product that will last.”


Bella is P7 pupil at Steelstown Primary School and Mia is a past pupil. We in Steelstown P.S. are very proud of the both girls. They are dedicated, inspirational and so creative! We wish them every success.

So Chanel, Jimmy Choo and Gucci, take note of the name - Jewelled Aroma by Mia & Bella.